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Welcome To Waterskiing at Llangorse Lake

Llangorse Lake in Mid Wales is a natural lake of approximately 400 acres which allows Waterskiing and Wakeboarding for ski boat owners.
Bring your own boat and equipment, stay on our campsite or hire one of our luxury static caravans and waterski or wakeboard in an idyllic setting in the Brecon Beacons. There are zoning arrangements in place to help protect the wildlife and rules listed below to ensure the enjoyment of the lake by all.

Ski boats must register at Lakeside Reception, pay launch and permit charges these are available daily, for 5 days or seasonally.

Documents required when registering:

  • Llangorse Lake Permit Application Form - Word - PDF
  • BWSW Membership
  • Insurance
  • Proof of completion of either the BWSW Ski Boat Driver 1 (SBD1) course or the RYA’s Powerboat Level 2 course
PWS Powerboats for waterskiing / inflatables  £855 £88
PWS Lakeside Caravan Park caravan owners / guests discount price £590 £61
PWB Powerboats for wakeboarding / wakesurfing / multi-use £930 £96
PWB Lakeside Caravan Park caravan oweners / guests discount price £650 £66
Prices inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate. All prices may be subject to change. 

Seasonal permit discount is only for Lakeside static caravan owners. Not for short stays.  

Lake permits are not for commerical use. 


For powerboats for waterskiing are valid from 14/03/23 to  09/11/23


Can be bought individually on a daily basis or in blocks of five consecutive days when a 20% discount will be given.


If you camp on our site or stay in one of our caravans and buy 5 consecutive day permits we will not charge the normal launching fee.


These also apply to inflatables etc.

    1. Permits to ski on the lake are obtainable at Lakeside shop. 
    2. Only members of British Water Ski & Wakeboard (Tel : 01932 579935 will be permitted to buy permits to ski etc on the lake and proof of membership is necessary. A BWSW member must be present in the boat at all times when skiing or wakeboarding etc. 
    3. Proof of power boat insurance, including minimum 3rd party indemnity of at least £3,000,000 is also necessary. Any person driving the boat must be insured.  
    4. The registered boat owner must provide proof of completion of either the British Water Ski and Wakeboard Association’s Ski Boat Driver 1 (SBD1) course or the RYA’s Powerboat Level 2 course.
    5. The boat driver must have completed either the British Water Ski and Wakeboard Association’s Ski Boat Driver 1 (SBD1) course, the RYA’s Powerboat Level 2 course or be under instruction from someone who has completed one of the courses. When providing instruction to a driver without a qualification, the person providing instruction must be positioned near to the driver.
    6. The registered owner of the boat is responsible for the actions and safety of everyone on the boat.
    7. The lake is closed for waterskiing etc between the 9th November and the 14th March. There are 'no go' areas on the lake, which are marked in red and yellow on the map and by red and yellow buoys on the lake.  It is necessary to be aware of these ‘no go’ areas before you launch your craft.
    8. Season permits will cover the period from the 14th March to the 9th November and may be used at all times in accordance with the time limits imposed.
    9. No more than ten boats are to be actively engaged in towing a skier etc. at any one time(except on Sundays see rule 11).
    10. Skiing etc is not permitted between 11.00am and 5.00pm on Sundays and bank holiday Mondays.
    11. On Sundays after 5.00pm, no more than five boats are to be actively engaged in towing a skier/ wakeboarder etc. at any one time.
    12. No inflatable devices on Sundays or before 9.00am on Saturdays.
    13. Waterskiing etc to be confined to the period beginning one hour after sunrise and ending one hour before sunset or between 6.00am and 9.00pm. whichever is the lesser.
    14. No boat may be driven by any person less than 16 years of age.  This allows 16 year olds to drive at 8 kilometers per hour (5 mph) to gain experience.
    15. When towing a water skier or inflatable etc, each boat must have a driver and an observer both of whom must be not less than 17 years of age.
    16. Any driver and observer must meet the requirements set out by your insurer.
    17. Any activity undertaken must be in accordance with your insurance.
    18. All engines must be properly silenced. Water scooters , Jet Skis, Jet Bikes, Hovercraft, Hydrofoils and paragliding are not acceptable and are banned on the lake together with any abnormally noisy craft. If there is any question or dispute as to what is classified as abnormally noisy or unsuitable craft or equipment, then this shall be the decision of the Company or their Agents and their decision shall be final.
    19. Power boats and water skiers etc will not be allowed to take-off or land within 200 yards of the launching area and the speed limit of 8 kilometres per hour (5 m.p.h.) must be observed at all times within the launching area.
    20. The speed limit of 8 kilometres per hour (5m.p.h.) must be observed at all times, unless towing a skier, wakeboarder or inflatable or recovering a skier from the water.
    21. A red flag must be flown any time there is a skier in the water.
    22. When leaving the launching area, all powerboats must proceed in an anti-clockwise direction and keep this direction as a general rule around the lake.
    23. Access to the jetty areas is for launching / recovery purposes only. Cars, trailers etc must be removed to a car park at all other times.
    24. No bow riding allowed and all other general safety rules for water use must be observed at all times.
    25. Boats should not produce excessive wakes & must keep a safe distance from other lake users.
    26. No person shall drive or be in charge of a speedboat whilst unfit to do so through drink or drugs.
    27. The Company and their Agents reserve the right to ban any boat or person from using the lake for power boat and water-skiing purposes if necessary and to impose any time and or zoning conditions whenever they deem necessary.
    28. A kill cord must be worn whilst operating a speed boat.


When hiring or using your own watercraft please be aware of your own limitations and the prevailing weather conditions.  All water activities can be potentially hazardous and are undertaken at your own risk. It Is Not Advised To Go Onto The Lake In Strong Winds. It is not advised to go onto the lake whilst under the influence of alcohol!